Leading the Charge: Welcome to the Future of Workplace EV Charging

As the world embraces sustainable transportation, EVs are becoming increasingly popular. The number of EV owners in the United States grew from 860,000 in 2021 to 1.6 million in 2022. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years.

The growing popularity of EVs poses a challenge for workplaces, which need to provide reliable and convenient charging options for their employees. That's where we come in. We specialize in providing state-of-the-art EV charging solutions for workplaces. Our charging stations are not only efficient but also safe, reliable, and trusted by top companies for their charging needs. 


Why Offer Workplace EV Charging?

Boost employee satisfaction and attract top talent 
Studies have shown that providing employees with Level 2 charging solutions enhances the EV driving experience and improves overall job satisfaction. By offering EV charging solutions right at your workplace, you can attract and retain top talent who value sustainable transportation options.1

Demonstrate corporate social responsibility
By incorporating EV charging into your workplace infrastructure, you showcase your commitment to the environment and contribute to a greener future. This demonstrates corporate social responsibility and positions your company as a leader in sustainability. 

Increase employee productivity and engagement
When employees have access to convenient EV charging solutions, it eliminates the range anxiety associated with electric vehicles. This boosts confidence, reduces stress, and allows your employees to focus on their work, leading to increased productivity and engagement. 

Stay ahead of the curve 
As more individuals transition to electric vehicles, it's essential for workplaces to stay ahead of the curve by offering charging options. By doing so, you position your company as a forward-thinking innovator and gain a competitive edge in attracting and retaining talent. 


Workplace Charging Support Team

Here to Help You Every Step of the Way

Our Workplace Charging Support Team is dedicated to helping you make the transition to electric vehicles. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including:

  • Product training and education: We'll teach you everything you need to know about EV charging, from choosing the right charger for your needs to installing and maintaining it.
  • Marketing materials and displays: We'll provide you with the tools you need to promote EV charging to your employees and customers.
  • Online ordering: You can easily order your EV charging solution online, 24/7.
  • World-class customer service: We're here to answer your questions and help you with any problems you may encounter.

Get Your Workplace Ready for Electric Vehicles!

Contact us today to learn more about our workplace charging solutions. Together, we can make your workplace more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

1. The Workplace Charging Challenge: A Survey of EV Owners" by PlugShare