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Who Are We?

Ampure is a leading provider of innovative electric vehicle and industrial charging solutions with a vision and commitment to shaping the future of mobility. Focused on innovation and automotive grade quality, Ampure products and organization deliver unparalleled reliability, quality, safety, and customer satisfaction underpinned by in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise.
At Ampure, our mission is simple: lead the acceleration of global sustainable transportation by offering cutting-edge charging solutions that improve reliability and digital solutions that can be easily monetized and controlled with confidence.


Production Excellence

We take pride in our production capabilities strategically located in Mexico and Germany. With dedicated plants in these key locations, we ensure the highest manufacturing standards for charging systems.

Our expertise in mechanics and electronics positions us as industry leaders, shaping the future of sustainable mobility through precision engineering and unparalleled quality.
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Forward-Thinking E-Mobility Solutions for OEMs:

Embrace a future-focused approach with our e-mobility solutions tailored for OEMs. We specialize in delivering high volumes with a rapid response, meeting the dynamic needs of car manufacturers. Our commitment extends beyond products to excellent customer service, seamless backend integration, and cutting-edge digital solutions. Elevate your electrification journey with our innovative and customer-centric charging solutions.


Leading the Charge: Our Level 2 Portable Cordsets

The Ampure Go™ is our industry-leading portable charger, with over 400,000 units sold globally. This Level 2 Charging Cordset redefines portable charging, offering cutting-edge features and exceptional performance. Meticulously crafted to exceed OEM requirements in quality and safety, our fully customizable cordsets empower car manufacturers to elevate their brand in the dynamic electric vehicle landscape.

Notably, our cordsets feature a swappable grid plug solution for convenient charging adaptability worldwide. With Smart Plug Technology ensuring automatic power level determination, seamless charging is guaranteed on a global scale. These cordsets are designed to be robust, safe, and reliable, incorporating advanced features like smart fault detection, grid plug temperature monitoring, and de-rating for maximum security and reliability. Energy-Star-rated and certified, they exceed stringent automotive standards.

Ampure GoGeneration 1 Portable Level 2 Cordset 

Key Features:
Globally certified and locally produced, our compact, portable Level 2 Charger with IP67 rating is suitable for various markets.
Webasto Go Gen 1
Portable EV Charging Solution
Charging Performance
Global Versatility
Smart Plug Technology

Ampure Go™ Generation 2 High-Power Portable Level 2 Cordset

Key Features:
Meet the Ampure Go™ Generation 2, the next evolution in universally applicable Level 2 EV Supply Equipment.
This product is currently exclusively available for Automotive OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) use only.
Compact & Lightweight
Flexible & Powerful
Global Versatility
Smart Plug Technology
*The maximum charging speed is dependent on many factors including the size and condition of your vehicle’s battery
Webasto Go Gen 2

Ampure Turbo DX™ 2 Charging Station

Key Features:
The Turbo DX 2.0 small and compact charging station is designed for cost-efficiency and rapid deployment. Its slim design
supports flexible mounting options, making it a reliable solution for residential or private parking lots, accommodating up to four
devices on a
single pillar.
Maximum Power Output
Webasto Plug-and-Play Technology
Durable & Safe
Smart Detection

TurboConnect™ Smart & Connected Charging Station

Key Features:

Ideal for private, semi-public, and public use, the TurboConnect Charging Station offers a superior charging experience. With a maximum power output of 48A at 240V, connectivity options, and robust safety features, it exceeds the highest cybersecurity standards.

Maximum Power Output
Wired & Wireless Networks
ETL Certified, IK & IP Rated
OCPP Backend
Charge Comfortably & Effortlessly

EV Digital Solutions Offering:

Elevate Your User Experience
Experience seamless e-mobility with our user-friendly Digital Solutions, bringing charging convenience to your fingertips. Whether
you aim to reduce operational vehicle costs or provide an additional service for visitors and guests, Ampure Digital Solutions offers
a strategic approach and charging plan to help you achieve these objectives.
Streamlining user tracking and billing based on metered electricity consumption, our intelligent software facilitates efficient expense reporting, ongoing reconciliations, and aligns with sustainability and green policies. Ampure Digital Solutions seamlessly communicates between the car, charging point, and backend grid, ensuring a smooth and connected experience. Our experts are dedicated to supporting your backend integration, maintenance, and data management needs, making the management of charging projects or EV fleets simpler than ever before.
Product Specifications:
  • Cost efficient management of multiple parallel charging sessions with Peak Shaving
  • Maintenance and remote diagnostics
  • Detailed overview of charging data
  • Billing & roaming features
  • Carbon credit reporting
  • Smart, user intuitive & easy to manage
WCC Desktop



European EV Charging Supply Equipment:

At Ampure, we think globally and act locally. Thanks to our global presence and technical expertise, we know your regional requirements.

Check out our European EV Charging Products here: