No matter when or where – our Ampure Go Charger provides you with maximum flexibility to charge your electric vehicle at home and on the go. 

Charge On-The-Go

Ampure Go is a premium dual-voltage (120V & 240V) portable electric vehicle charger designed to charge all types of EVs whether at home or on the go. Intelligent Grid Plug Assemblies allow for safe and reliable charging anywhere.  

Simple and Flexible

A simple plug-and-play solution, there is no need to download extra apps, manage notifications, or push extra buttons. With Ampure Go, simply plug in the charger, watch it charge via its LED status bar, and unplug when finished. 

Safe. Reliable. Rugged.

UL and cUL rated, Ampure Go is tested to the highest safety standards possible. Smart Plug Technology automatically determines and sets the correct power level. Thermal protection, auto-restart and recovery, and ground detection all protect you and your home. 

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The Future Is Electric

The eMobility landscape is sustainable, electric, and connected. Ampure offers a complete suite of charging solutions including state-of-the-art charging stations and comprehensive installation and maintenance services, all backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Automaker Approved

Ampure Go is a premium portable EV charger that is compatible with nearly all-electric vehicles and complies with the requirements of major automotive OEMs. Weighing only 9 lbs (4.1kg), the compact and lightweight system can be taken anywhere while enabling high-power charging.

Peace of Mind

Providing up to 32A charge current, Ampure Go utilizes Intelligent Grid Plug Assemblies to allow safe charging anywhere. Multiple temperature monitoring points, smart fault detection, and durable and rugged materials ensures a safe and reliable charge.


Ampure Go enables high-power charging at up to 7.7 kW which is 5x faster than any standard Level 1 cordset. It comes with a 20 ft cord, NEMA 14-50, and IEC plug types and it can be submerged in up to 3ft of water. Its dual voltage (240V @ 32A & 120V @ 12A) allows you to take it anywhere your travels take you.

Intelligent Grid Plug Assembly

Dual voltage grid plugs for safe charging anywhere you go.

Swappable Grid Plugs

Quickly swap the grid plug for the receptacle available to you. Enclosed in the Ampure Go travel bag you'll find two grid plugs: a 120V grid plug for a NEMA 5-15R receptacle, and a 240V grid plug for a NEMA 14-50R receptacle.

NEMA 5-15

The NEMA 5-15 grid plug, for 120V @ 12A, works in the NEMA 5-15R receptacle. The most common residential receptacle in the United States and Canada, you'll likely find one in the garage of a vacation rental.

NEMA 14-50

For more power and a faster charge, the included 14-50 grid plug, for 240V @ 32A, works with NEMA 14-50R receptacles. Roadtripping? You might find these receptacles at RV parks or camping sites.

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