TurboDX Access is an affordable and easy-to-use commercial and workplace charging solution that saves you money and protects drivers with state-of-the-art safety features

Safe and Durable

TurboDX Access syncs with new or existing TurboDX units, all built with a full-metal enclosure to withstand extreme temperatures.

Simple and Flexible

Bluetooth-enabled charging solution with mobile app and simple start / stop feature for users. Modular design enables maximum flexibility for various parking configurations.

Configure and Upgrade

Access control for admins, configure users, track energy usage per user and per charger, and review energy consumption data. OTA software downloads enables admins to update chargers, eliminating the need for field service visits.

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TurboDXTM is the leading EV charging solution, trusted and deployed charging station by America‘s top automakers at their workplaces and dealerships. TurboDXTM is UL certified for safety and backed by a 3-year warranty.

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Bluethooth Enabled

Quickly and easily, grant access to your charging stations right from your smartphone. Download the mobile app to create a universal access code or individual pins for your employees, visitors, and customers. Or provide open access to the public.

Networking via Bluetooth2
No Network Fees

The Bluetooth nature of TurboDX Access lowers your monthly costs. You benefit from the access-control features that many people want, but without connectivity fees and cellular modem costs.

Flexible Solutions

Low installation costs with the ability to add many ports; scalable to add chargers as demand grows. Configurable access options to fit your needs – add capability to non-networked units.

How It Works

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Install TurboDX Chargers

Select your mounting configuration and decide where you want the stations to go. Our nationwide network of certified electricians can get you up and running.

Download Mobile App 2
Download Mobile App

Download the TurboDX Access mobile app in your App Store. Go to your charger, launch your app,

Activate Access Control
Activate Access Control

Activate and set up each charger for access control. Chargers are delivered in open access mode, so they can be used immediately after installation without using the app.

Assign User PIN 2
Assign User PIN

Once you‘ve assigned at least one User PIN to each charger, you can let your Plug-In Hybrid & EV-driving employees know their User PIN and how to download the app.

Ready to Charge!

After launching the TurboDX Access app and selecting an available charger, drivers can enter their User PIN. TurboDXTM will then be ready to charge.

Review Energy Statistics
Review Energy Statistics

Quickly view monthly and lifetime accumulated energy for actionable intelligence.


TurboDX Access is a flexible and easy-to-use charging solution for various business locations.

Business Boost

Commercial & Hospitality business can promote a green image by attracting new visitors and guests, becoming their new favorite place to charge. From shopping malls and city centers, to hotels and stadiums, meet the demand of highly engaged visitors.

Employee Benefit

Companies that provide workplace EV charging show that they think about the future of their business and the world. Simplify and improve the commute for employees with workplace charging.

Value in Green Status

Enhance property value and earn LEED points for multiple dwelling buildings and parking garages. By providing for tenants, reduce vacancy rate, improve cash flow, and benefit from incentives.


Ampure is the official EV charging station provider for Ford, Nissan, Fiat, Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Chevrolet, BMW, and Mini.

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