Support & Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How does my TurboCord EV charger work?A: TurboCord plugs directly into your 240 volt outlet. You connect the charger to your electric vehicle when you park it, and disconnect it when you’re ready to drive.

Q: How do I know that TurboCord is charging my car? A: A solid blue light on the module indicates there is power coming to the unit. A pulsing blue light indicates that the unit is communicating with the car and charging the car. Check your car charging indicator as well.

Q: Can I stop the TurboCord from charging before it’s at 100%? A: Yes. You can stop charging your electric vehicle before the battery is fully recharged by simply removing the coupler from your electric vehicle or by unplugging the TurboCord module from the receptacle.

Q: Does it stop automatically? A: TurboCord knows when it’s done charging, and will stop charging automatically. You will still need to disconnect the connector from your electric vehicle before you drive away.

Q: Can I leave the unit plugged into the wall permanently? A: Yes. We recommend that you install the cable hanger that is included, so that the cable is convenient and does not lay on the floor.

Q: Are all 240 volt receptacles the same? A: No. The TurboCord requires a NEMA 6-20 receptacle. In comparison, our EVSE-RS plug-in home charging station requires a NEMA 6-50 receptacle.

Q: Can I buy the 240 Version and buy the adapter later? A: No the basic unit is either 240V or 120V/240V. The 240V unit will not work with 120V power, even if you have an adapter.

Q: Why can't I buy a 120 volt module and later purchase a 240 volt adapter? A: We complied with UL for safety regulations to supply an appropriately designed 240 volt adapter with the 120 volt module.

Q: Is TurboCord safe? A: TurboCord is designed with safety and reliability in mind, and is listed by the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), the same people who certify other electric appliances in your home.

Q: Is it safe to handle and charge in the rain?  A: Yes, it is designed to be operated safely regardless of weather conditions, however, The National Electrical Code requires while-in-use covers when attaching cord-connected equipment in an outdoor environemnt where the outlet in use could be subject to water intrusion. 

Q: What happens if I drop the unit in water? A: Nothing. The unit is housed in a NEMA 6P rated enclosure, so it is waterproof up to 3 feet underwater.

Q: Why does TurboCord have a NEMA 6-20? A: The TurboCord was designed to be small, light, and safe. The NEMA 6-20P Plug configuration was chosen because of its small size which allows the body of the TurboCord to be much smaller than if a 30 Amp plug been used. The 20 Amp rating of the plug matches the electrical code requirements for the 16 Amp rating of the TurboCord. Consult a qualified electrician for your installation. The installation of the outlet requires a NEMA 6-20R receptacle, an outlet cover for outdoor use, and a 20 Amp 2-Pole Circuit Breaker.