safety recall notice

 Safety Recall Notice - Safety Recall 18E086
  • TurboCord 23075-020, 23883-020, 24781-020,  26143-010, 26143-010, 25610-020, 26144-010                                                                                                          
  • EVSE-DX (a/k/a TurboDX) 25793-015, 25795-015, 25795-025, 26118-015, 26118-025, 26120-025, 25793-025, 26120-015 
  • EVSE-VX 25398-001, 25398-003, 25398-002, 26618-003, 26618-001


Reason for the Recall: 
The TurboCord and EVSE-DX (a/k/a TurboDX) capacitors can fail due to the installation of an incorrect capacitor. 

No warning or indication of a fault will precede the failure. If the capacitor fails, it could result in a thermal event (fire) and/or present a shock hazard.                                   

Remedy For Consumers & Retailers:    
Webasto will replace all TurboCord and EVSE-DX (a/k/a TurboDX) models that contain affected capacitors free of charge ("Recall Remedy").

This will occur through field service representatives. Webasto will endeavor to schedule all service visits within two weeks. 

Webasto has issued this stop-use notice for the affected products. Affected products should NOT be used until the Recall Remedy has been completed. 

Owners are advised: DO NOT USE THE AFFECTED PRODUCTS; contact Webasto at (888) 516-6264 to make arrangements for replacement products. 


Please note: Webasto acquired the division of AeroVironment that developed your EV charger. As the new business owner, Webasto is putting forward a remedy for all affected customers.